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As a 401(k) Specialist, You Now Have the Ability to “Test-Drive” Tools with a Simple Click of a Button!

The 401(K) TOOL(K)IT is designed to give you the fastest and most efficient access to cutting-edge financial technology tools created for you, your sponsors and your participants, without spending hours researching industry sites to discover them on your own.

Simply scroll down to the service providers below who are leading the way with innovative tools to streamline your 401(k) practice while improving outcomes, the most important barometer with sponsors and participants!

Remember the tools are listed alphabetically by parent company and will continually be updated with the newest technologies available to the 401(k) industry. So, keep checking back!

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American Funds - Capital Group

Generate client-ready target date fund evaluations

American Funds Target Date ProView makes the process of selecting target date funds easier by comparing up to four target date series using Morningstar data. Use Target Date ProView to:

  • Help sponsors align with DOL tips for evaluating target date funds
  • Analyze a wide range of metrics, including glide path construction
  • Generate client-ready reports to support your recommendations

Compare series now.

PlanVisualizer™ is a powerful interactive tool that enables retirement advisors and consultants to demonstrate to plan sponsors how some modifications in plan design can impact their employees’ retirement readiness, pinpoint progress and forecast plan contribution expenses.

The new offering, which is available through Empower’s advisor website, is aimed at helping plan sponsors consider how possible changes to their plan — such as employer match, auto enrollment and rate of auto escalation — can impact their employees’ retirement prospects.

Empower has made PlanVisualizer available to all advisors and consultants — regardless of client status and free of charge. PlanVisualizer is part of Empower’s advisor-centric approach to serving the growing market for defined contribution retirement services.

Find out how this cutting-edge plan design service can help you grow your business.

Envestnet Retirement Solutions

Financial.fit™ is a mobile financial wellness application created for participants in 401(k) and other types of retirement plans. Financial.fit™ offers a series of financial workouts like budgeting, debt management, Health Savings Accounts, retirement planning and others – all aimed at helping to improve financial outcomes by integrating an individual’s entire financial life. A saver can easily connect all their financial accounts in order to view a holistic picture of their financial wellness, get meaningful insights and easily take action on how to improve their financial outcomes.

Combining innovative technology, analytical data, responsive design and hands on support, Financial.fit™ moves beyond simply organizing historical financial data– we help advisors support participants with actionable steps through financial education and guidance that can be fully integrated with their retirement managed account.

Find out more about Financial.fit™.

JP Morgan Asset Management

Help your clients make more informed target date fund decisions with the newly enhanced Target Date Compass℠:

    • Easier navigation: Find the funds you want to compare faster than ever before. You can search by Target Date Type℠ quadrant or by name—the choice is yours.
    • Deeper analytics: Expand evaluations with a more robust data set. You can now compare mutual funds and CITs, and have the option to include new information, like rolling returns.
    • Greater customization: You can now select which pages you want to include in the analysis report and add your company logo to the cover. Your report, your decision.

Find out more about Target Date Compass℠.

A partnership with Nationwide® helps you offer your clients’ participants tools like My Interactive Retirement Planner℠. Our online tool is a personalized and easy-to-use resource and helps provide participants with a holistic view of their retirement readiness.

After a simple enrollment on our Participant website, participants can begin to:

    • Estimate their projected monthly retirement income
    • Project retirement spending needs
    • Explore the potential impact of decisions they can make today

Participants receive meaningful actions to consider within just a few seconds and can easily create an updated report at any time.

Introduce your clients to My Interactive Retirement Planner℠ today.

The Nationwide Social Security 360 Analyzer® helps advisors guide their clients through Social Security filing decisions. The tool allows you to compare strategies, identify the optimal filing approach and generate custom client-ready reports based on your clients’ unique situations.

Test drive the tool, with a free 30-day trial, and see how the tool can help you help your clients plan for and live in retirement.

CoPilot was developed to track every plan participant’s retirement readiness, so you don’t have to. Your clients will see how many years their retirement savings may buy, not just an account balance. And when events happen that could impact their years of retirement, Copilot provides alerts to help keep them on track.

CoPilot includes online setup and enrollment and provides a dedicated Installation/Conversion Rep to walk your clients through plan setup. This service integrates with most payroll providers and client data is shared between systems, saving your client time and increasing data accuracy. When a participant has a question, a real person will answer their call, allowing you more time to focus on growing your business.

Use these short demos to share the unique CoPilot experience and preview the simple setup process with your clients and their employees. Show your clients the only way to (k) with CoPilot.

Tired of having unengaged participants? There is a solution!

Generic enrollment and education materials often bore participants, leaving them unengaged in meetings. Is it any wonder they don’t follow up by visiting the plan’s web portal? It is time to change the paradigm and truly engage participants so that they feel informed and empowered to plan for retirement.

Imagine being able to create personalized retirement projections for each participant showing them not only the recommended contribution amount, but also how the increase in deferrals would affect their take-home pay. Imagine helping participants instantly understand whether they are on track for retirement.

Advisors using The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) are dramatically growing their business. With TRAK, you’re in the driver’s seat, bringing personalized retirement education directly to participants and motivating them to take action.

Visit our website to learn more about TRAK and hear from advisors just like you who are using RetireReady Solutions to help participants, delight plan sponsors, and grow their business at the same time.