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401(k) Specialist Magazine Now Offers Continuing Education (CE) Credit for CFP® Professionals

Denver, CO, August 22, 2016 401(k) Specialist, the only magazine and website dedicated exclusively to helping financial advisors ensure a secure retirement for hardworking Americans through the 401(k), announced that it now offers continuing education credit for holders of the CERTIFIED FINANICAL PLANNER™ certification.

As a continuing education provider for the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, the governing body of the CFP certificate, 401(k) Specialist provides content and testing for CE credit for CFP® professionals. In order to meet CFP Board’s CE requirement, CFP® professionals must complete 30 hours of CE every two years, of which two hours must be focused on Ethics CE. In keeping with the CFP Board’s directives, 401(k) Specialist makes content for 401(k) education and testing available on the following topics:

  • General Principles of Financial Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Professional Conduct and Fiduciary Responsibility

“401(k) Specialist is dedicated to ensuring the high standards of the CFP certification, and the 401(k) industry, are maintained,” said Laura Fallbach, Publisher of 401(k) Specialist. “This partnership will deliver actionable content that will enhance the 401(k) advisor’s knowledge and expertise, while fulfilling the requirements of the CFP board.”

With topical information and industry-leading contributors such as John Bogle, Blaine Aikin, Ted Benna, Bill Chetney, Richard Thaler, and more, 401(k) Specialist is the definitive news source for retirement plan advisors and financial planners, regardless of age, experience or asset size.

401(k) Specialist is something new and different, and delivers information in an entertaining, yet academic, format that keeps readers engaged,” added Bill Chetney, CEO and founder of Global Retirement Partners and 401(k) Specialist contributor. “This partnership will bring even more added-value for the 401(k) advisor.”

To contribute editorial ideas and submissions, send the topic, a brief synopsis, how it specifically affects the 401(k) marketplace and contact information to John Sullivan, Editor, or 303.502.2521.  For advertising information and media kit requests contact Laura Fallbach, Publisher, or 303-502-2517

About CFP Board

CFP Board is a non-profit organization acting in the public interest by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning through its setting and enforcement of the education, examination, experience, ethics and other requirements for CFP® certification.

401(k) Specialist Magazine Now Offers Continuing Education (CE) Credit for CFP® Professionals



401(k) Specialist Magazine Inaugural Issue Features Bogle, Robbins and Thaler

Denver, CO, July 30, 2015 – Rollovers from 401(k)s to individual retirement accounts (IRA) are expected to top $450 billion per year by 2017, according to Cerulli Associates. Advisors need expert advice and tools to navigate the fiduciary and competitive minefield these incredible opportunities present.

august-issueThe new 401(k) Specialist website, magazine and e-newsletters specifically focus on addressing the increasingly complex, yet rewarding, 401(k) marketplace through comprehensive news, tools and research. It is exclusively dedicated to topics critical to the 401(k) advisor, including a universal reach into the 32,000-strong Registered Investment Advisor channel.

The August 2015 inaugural issue of 401(k) Specialist features industry giants sounding off on a variety of topics, including:

  • John BogleBlaine Aikin and Tony Robbins discuss Tibble vs. Edison and what it means for retirement plan advisors
  • Famed behavioral economist Dr. Richard Thaler looks at participant behavior in 401(k)s
  • Morningstar’s David Blanchett reveals one of the biggest mistakes in 401(k) investing, and more!

“401(k)s are an opportunity that is screaming for attention; it cries out for actions from advisors,” Skip Schweiss, President, TD Ameritrade Trust Co. as well as TD Ameritrade’s head of Retirement Plan Solutions, says in the August issue. Each subsequent issue will equip advisors with topics that are critical to their success in order to ensure a secure retirement for hardworking Americans through the 401(k) savings vehicle.

Whether the topic is fiduciary, rollovers, client acquisition, practice management, investments or a host of other issues that arise on an almost daily basis, 401(k) Specialist is the definitive source for retirement plan advisors, regardless of age, experience or asset size.

To contribute editorial ideas and submissions, send the topic, a brief synopsis, how it specifically affects the 401 (k) marketplace and contact information, to John Sullivan, Editor, or 303.502.2521. For advertising information and media kit requests, contact Kelly Gormley, National Sales Director, or 303.502.2519.



BREAKING NEWS: Dynamic Media Platform to Specifically Target 401(k) Retirement Plan Advisors

Denver, CO, April 23, 2015 – Why should financial advisors engage the retirement plan advice market?

401(k) accounts contain nearly $4.6 trillion in assets, doubling in size over the past 10 years and making it the premier savings vehicle for most Americans.[1] Additionally, rollovers from 401(k) accounts to individual retirement accounts (IRA) are expected to top $450 billion per year by 2017.[2]

As a result, the opportunity to provide quality retirement plan advice has never been greater, but so are the threats. Increasing regulation, volatile markets, the fiduciary question and, of course, litigation are combining in a perfect storm of confusion and complexity at the exact moment when the largest demographic in the history of the world is headed for retirement.

Where should retirement plan advisors turn to get the information and answers they need to assist the retirement plan sponsors and participants they serve? How do they protect themselves and their business from the tort lawyers that are sure to come?

Introducing 401(k) Specialist, a new, first-of-its-kind publication and digital platform. Set to launch August 1, 2015, 401(k) Specialist is exclusively dedicated to equipping retirement plan advisors with the vision, specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology that are vital to their success in a dynamic marketplace, in order to ensure a secure retirement for hardworking Americans through the 401(k) savings vehicle.

With a tagline of “Fiduciary/Rollovers/Client Acquisition/Practice/Investments,” 401(k) Specialist will cover the hot-button 401(k) issues facing the industry, and provide research and examination of the larger coming trends.

“From a demographic, legal, economic and regulatory standpoint, the stars have aligned for a dedicated platform to specifically address the issues with which retirement plan advisors grapple,” said Laura Fallbach, publisher of 401(k) Specialist.

“Whether you’re just getting started in the 401(k) space, or are a seasoned veteran with decades of experience, the increasing complexity of the marketplace requires a watchful eye,” she added. “401(k) Specialist is a one-stop-platform for all the news, information and resources a retirement plan advisor requires to assist clients.”

In addition to Fallbach, a successful media entrepreneur and executive behind the launch of such titles as Senior Market Advisor and Benefits Selling, the team includes John Sullivan, former editor-in-chief of Investment Advisor as well as retirement editor of, and Kelly Gormley, a 23-year industry account executive formerly with Financial Planning and Investment Advisor.

If you would like more information about 401(k) Specialist and affiliated services, please contact Laura Fallbach at 303-502-2517 or email Laura at

[1] “Retirement Assets Total $24.7 Trillion in Fourth Quarter 2014.” March 25, 2015.

[2] “Evolution of the Retirement Investor 2012: Understanding 401(k) Participant Dynamics, and Trends in Rollover and Retirement Income.” February, 2013.