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Our Mission

401(k) Specialist is exclusively dedicated to equipping retirement plan advisors with the vision, specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology that are vital to their success in a dynamic marketplace, in order to ensure a secure retirement for hardworking Americans through the 401(k) savings vehicle.

More and More Advisors Getting Into the 401(k) Market

  • 401(k)s contain $4.9 trillion in assets, doubling in size over the past decade and making it the premier savings vehicle for most Americans.
  • Savings rolled over from 401(k)s account for over half of the $7.4 trillion held in IRAs.
  • Additionally, rollovers from 401(k)s to individual retirement accounts (IRA) are expected to soon top $450 billion per year.

The demise of defined benefit pension plans means more people are responsible for their own retirement, and the assets that go with it. Longer life spans and dismal savings rates have many Americans frozen in place, looking for someone (anyone) to whom they can turn to help ensure the affordable quality of life of which they’ve always dreamed.

As a result, the opportunity to provide quality retirement plan advice has never been greater, but so are the threats. Increasing regulation, volatile markets, fiduciary responsibilities and, of course, litigation are combining in a perfect storm of confusion and complexity at the exact moment when the largest demographic in the history of the world is headed for retirement.

Where should retirement plan advisors turn to get the information and answers they need to assist the retirement plan sponsors and participants they serve? How do they protect themselves and their business from the tort lawyers that are sure to come?

401(k) Specialist magazine and website are specifically focused on addressing this increasingly complex, yet rewarding, market through comprehensive news, tools and research. Whether the topic is fiduciary, rollovers, client acquisition, practice management, investments or a host of other issues that arise in the industry, 401(k) Specialist is the definitive source for retirement plan advisors, regardless of age, experience or asset size.

Who We Are

The 401(k) Specialist team has deep roots in the financial arena. With over 85 years of combined publishing experience, we have produced specialized and niched content to serve readers in numerous financial markets. With experience in equities, alternative investments, fixed and variable products, benefits and banking, we have a proven track record in building audiences by providing them with dedicated content that is specific to the markets they serve.


Laura_401kLaura Fallbach, Publisher

Laura Fallbach has 28 years of experience in the media industry. She was personally responsible for the development and launch of Senior Market Advisor, Boomer Market Advisor, Benefits Selling and Advisor’s Data Source, creating a financial media platform that continues to serve the industry today. 401(k) Specialist is a natural extension of her ability to conceptualize and deliver niched content to specialized markets. She can be reached at [email protected].
“Laura can make things happen that other people can’t,” says Amy Cosper, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. “She can see the possibilities that no one else will.”



John_401kJohn Sullivan, Editor-In-Chief

With more than 15 years serving financial markets, John Sullivan is the former editor-in-chief of Investment Advisor magazine and retirement editor of ThinkAdvisor.com. Sullivan is also the former editor of Boomer Market Advisor and Bank Advisor magazines, and has a background in the insurance and investment industries in addition to his journalism roots. He can be reached at [email protected].



Jessa Claeys_401kJessa Claeys, Managing Editor

Jessa Claeys joined 401(k) Specialist from a Westminster, Colo.-based magazine company, where she spent seven years as a writer, editor and graphic designer. Claeys has worked on a variety of freelance projects, contributing a slew of general interest articles to magazines and blogs. Claeys has a master’s in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Denver. She can be reached at [email protected].



Amy Hamm, Vice President of Production and Design

Amy has over 20 years in the media industry, with a vast history in print and online production, marketing, contract negotiations, project management, scheduling, as well as financial analysis, content and database management. Amy was the production guru who created a finely tuned production process and team during the build out of the financial platform that included Senior Market Advisor, Boomer Market Advisor, Benefits Selling, Bank Advisor and their companion websites. Amy can be reached at [email protected].



Ashley Gonzalez, Director of Digital Media

Ashley Gonzalez is the director of digital media for 401(k) Specialist. She has 12 years of experience in the digital media industry, specifically B2B markets. Ashley specializes in digital marketing, electronic newsletters, social media and all things web related. She can be reached at [email protected].