New 401k Fintech: CataMetrics, Riskalyze Join Forces

The new platform is available to subscribers for a flat monthly rate

401k, fintech, riskalyze, catametricsLet the tech do the heavy lifting.

Fintech firm Riskalyze and white-labeled portfolio provider CataMetrics Management announced yesterday that they are teaming up to deliver an enhanced investment solutions platform for advisors. The new offering incorporates Riskalyze’s Autopilot technology into CataMetrics’ CataSelect to implement models and automate accounts with a single click.

“Advisors are seeking technology tools that allow them to reduce costs and increase scale efficiently while also personalizing the experience,” Erik Olsen, co-founder of CataMetrics, said in a statement. “We are excited to be offering Riskalyze products, particularly Autopilot which gives advisors the ability to automate client accounts with a click. The combination of our two subscription-based offerings lets advisors build their business while reducing their cost base.”

Instead of AUM-based fees and manager fees, the platform will be accessible for a flat monthly rate, thereby “simplifying client billing and reducing client costs.”

CataSelect incorporates research-based investment strategies in conjunction with a trading platform, sales tools and communication publications” all under a client’s brand, taking the busy work out of the advisory business.

The joint offering will incorporate Riskalyze’s flagship product, the Risk Number, which allows financial advisors to demonstrate to plan participants how their investments align with their end goals. And through its Autopilot feature, including One-Click Fiduciary technology, investment models are updated in real-time and advisors are able to push changes through to client accounts quickly and easily.

“It’s been great to watch advisors use CataMetrics’ solutions and the Risk Number to empower fearless investing,” Aaron Klein, CEO at Riskalyze, said in a statement. “Now, we can’t wait to see these advisors’ put the hassles of their businesses on Autopilot and focus on what matters most—their clients.”

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