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How to Qualify as a Top Advisor By Participant Outcomes (TAPO)

It’s all about the outcome, and we want to know what you’re doing.

The shift from accumulation to distribution is officially underway, with more assets leaving 401(k)s than entering. It’s time to see if a 30+ year experiment with defined contribution plans is really working. It’s a critically important topic, one central to the health and welfare of the American worker.

401(k) Specialist magazine and the website has a laser-like focus on participant outcomes-how they’re defined and achieved. It’s the only true measurement of 401(k) success, and we want to hear from you. In order to be considered for a ‘Top Advisor By Participant Outcomes (TAPO)’ honor, all of the following six questions must be answered, with specific processes and relevant details included:

  1. What areas of focus/data points are evaluated in your analysis?
  2. How do you identify plan goals and objectives? Are these documented? What participant metrics do you use to measure the progress of your retirement plan?
  3. Do you believe your retirement plan should actually measure whether or not your employees are on the right track?
  4. Is there a specific income replacement ratio you target for participants?
  5. How are employees encouraged to join the company plan and diligently save? Is it through auto-features, or something else?
  6. Once in place, how are automatic features and other participant success drivers measured?

We’ll feature those that stand out each month, with a panel of experts convened to choose, and celebrate, the absolute best this year.

Please send submissions directly to 401(k) Specialist Editor-in-Chief John Sullivan at [email protected]. 401(k) practices, RIAs, broker-dealers, product manufacturers, asset manager, and others are welcome to submit on behalf of their advisors. Please ensure submissions are between 400 and 800 words and devoid of blatant marketing and promotional language.

Background checks with both FINRA and the SEC will be performed for those advisors under consideration.

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