Securian to Offer Major 401k Financial Wellness Solution

Online platform SmartDollar is designed to be a behavior-changing financial wellness solution

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“Sometimes smart people do dumb things with money.”

It’s a line from 401k financial wellness and education provider SmartDollar that requires a massive “Amen.”

The brainchild of personal finance guru Dave Ramsey,  it’s designed to act as an “online personal financial coach” to steer users down a path toward financial success. Noting that financial wellness is the latest buzzword in benefits, SmartDollar claims an industry tenure of “more than 20 years.”

And now Securian Financial Group announced Monday that is has entered into an agreement to allow Securian’s plan sponsor customers to add the financial wellness solution to their suite of employee benefits.

“SmartDollar gives them a step-by-step plan to eliminate debt and free up their largest wealth-building tool: their income,” Brian Hamilton, vice president of SmartDollar, said in a statement. “When people have a plan and see it working, they have less stress and are more productive at work.”

Most known for its incorporation of Ramsey’s “7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace,” SmartDollar is meant to provide participants the tools to achieve financial health through “lasting behavior change.” And appears to be working. According to SmartDollar, the average user “pays off over $9,400 in debt and saves more than $6,100 in the first year of participating in the program.”

The platform incorporates motivational guidance from personal finance experts and best-selling authors, in addition to 24/7 online access, to information about topics such as creating an emergency fund, paying off debt, investing into retirement and more.

“Personal financial stress is a major issue in America impacting employees not only at home but at work, too,” added Bruce Shay, Securian’s executive vice president in charge of institutional products. “Recognizing this problem, employers are increasingly offering benefit solutions to help. We believe SmartDollar’s demonstrated ability to help participants change their financial behavior will resonate with employers and employees alike.”

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