TD Ameritrade Rolls Out Free 401k Financial Education Resources

401k, financial wellness, retirement planning, TD AmeritradeRetirement Planning 101 is a click away.

With the prevalence of money struggles, a drastically fluctuating stock market and the wildfire-like spread of industry buzzword “financial wellness,” it’s no surprise retirement plan sponsors and participants are thirsty for knowledge when it comes to money matters.

In fact, a recent study of U.S. employees found the majority indicated a strong desire for financial education, with 86 percent of respondents seeking help with retirement savings and planning.

In response, TD Ameritrade is offering up immersive education experiences and supplementary finance-related resources to help employers and employees improve retirement savings outcomes and build investor confidence.

This April, for each week of Financial Literacy Month, TD Ameritrade will tackle a different aspect of financial literacy and provide educational offerings in the form of:

  • online courses—complete with quizzes and final exams;
  • articles and videos—both live-streaming and pre-recorded;
  • webcasts with the capability to live chat;
  • and in-person events to learn from and network with industry pros.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Getting Started with Education: Basic planning and investment strategies
  • Retirement Planning: Saving options, setting and tracking goals and reviewing portfolios
  • Family and Money: Estate planning and financial education for children
  • Small Steps Add Up: Reviewing expenses and increasing contributions to retirement plans or other savings

Much of the information is available to the public on TD Ameritrade’s website and social media channels, and TD Ameritrade customers can access even more content by logging in to their accounts online and navigating to the company’s complete education center.

“Whether investors have little understanding of how to invest or are sophisticated traders looking to sharpen their knowledge, this is an opportunity to take advantage of the free resources we have available to all retail investors,” Lee McAdoo, managing director of education at TD Ameritrade, said in a statement. “Our goal is to provide content tailored to each person’s individual needs, with the expectation that investors will gain confidence in their ability to manage their finances as well as reach their financial goals.”

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