Retirement Software Solutions Firm Trust Builders Makes Long-Awaited Change

The company will continue with The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK)

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Trust Builders, Inc. has made it official, announcing its long-awaited and anticipated name change and rebrand to Retire Ready Solutions.

The retirement planning software firm shed the Trust Builders name after over 30 years in the business, as its leadership felt it was time to simplify to better illustrate the company’s role in providing advisors with innovative retirement education tools.

The company will continue to make and improve The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK).

The retirement modeling, analysis and illustration software has been designed “especially for use by professional financial advisors working with individuals and those who support plan sponsors and company employees on their quest to retire securely.”

“The new name, Retire Ready Solutions, clarifies who we are and what we do,” Edward Dressel, president of the Dallas, Oregon-based firm, said in a statement. “Our corporate focus has always been about helping advisors to provide engaging retirement education to their clients. We’ve always been about helping individuals connect to the retirement planning process.”

Retire Ready Solutions will continue to innovate in order to help advisors excel in retirement planning.

“Our proven tools engage people in retirement planning and show them how they, personally, can increase their current contributions to be on track for retirement. This can motivate them and, perhaps, even put their minds at ease for retirement,” said Dressel.  “The reports we create help people see exactly how the higher contributions affect their take-home pay and offer a clear path for success. The reports show them how increasing their income tax deferrals now will help them be more ready for retirement in the future.”

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