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What Is ‘Top Advisors By Participant Outcomes’ (TAPO)?

Successful participant outcomes are the only true measurements of retirement plan (and therefore retirement advisor) success. If plan participants can’t achieve an affordable quality of life in retirement, what’s the point?

Top Advisors by Participant Outcomes (TAPO) is the recognition and celebration of just that—successful participant outcomes—and the advisors who make them possible.

Selected monthly, we highlight in print and online a plan specialist that is doing it right, as well as the specific, measurable methods and measurements they employ.

An independent panel of industry experts is then convened annually to select the one overall recipient from the monthly finalists to be “Top Advisor By Participant Outcomes” for the given year.

The announcement for the “2018 Top Advisor By Participant Outcomes (TAPO)” will be announced at the EXCEL 401(k) National Conference, October 28th – 30th, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The recipient, as well all the leading advisors who participated and were selected, will be invited to attend the awards ceremony as honored guests, with complimentary hotel rooms and conference attendance for the entire event.

They will also be included in advisor-only panel/breakout sessions, and all the finalists will lead their tables in discussions of the best practices they implemented to become a finalist.

More information about the submission process, as well as the specific questions we’re looking to have answered, can be found at “How to Qualify as a Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes (TAPO).”

We look forward to hearing from you.

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